Kalau nak makan nasi dengan lauk aje, Alhamdulillah sangat.. itu pun si mama ni dah puas kejar mengejar satu rumah (salah satu teknik si mama cepat kuwusss) baru habis separuh pinggan.


Saya selalu dapat berita dari kawan-kawan, saudara mara, jiran tetangga yang anak mereka memang susah makan. Jangankan anak orang aje.. anak sendiri ni pun sama.

Makan mi, bihun, kuewtiaw boleh. “But no sayur ye mama, just plain” oh my..


This kind of situation, rupanya not only me have had experienced it, and not only some mothers or fathers facing this problem.. but, a lot of parents seeing this problem are just a mere problem that could not lead to a serious problem to their children. Sigh!


Soalan pada diri.. how does your kid get full nutrient for his/her development?


Cukupkah sekadar minum susu?

Itu bagi budak2 baby ke 3 tahun in shaa ALLAH still demand susu. Yang toddler 4 years and above..? Sua susu dah tak nak (I refer to my children, my small cousin, ang childrens to relatives), soo difficult to get them drink their milk. They rwfuse and keep refuse even we persuaded, or even are force them.


Ok.. ada yg jawab.. nutrien not only from susu okay.. there’s a lot of foods out there, mummy can give to their children, for ‘full spec’ nutrient needed in for their growing.

Ok.. betul.. memang tak salah.. but how kalau anak2 tu memang susah sangat nak makan..then ada yang answer pulak.. “mummy should be very creative”


Ok…if those are also done.. then how.. cut the crap.. semua dah done.. so whats next.. doa aja?


I am wondering.. macamana their development if, their body are lack of nutrient? A single cellular makings requires all types of essentials and non-essential amino acids (aa). If lacking one of the aa, then, how should the body build a complete cell. The answer is cannot. Yes, cannot. But our brain is brilliant gifted by Allah. Otak akan suruh jugak badan buat sel tu.. by hook or by crook because the body broke thousands of cells per day. So, using lacking of aa to build a cell as long as the cell can be used is a MUST.


That is a good case where that incomplete aa cell have done its job even not perfectly, but at least the body got the necessity. We call this cell a ‘happy cell’


Now, what if the cell grow to a cell yang tak bagus.. i mean bad cells.. kalau cell tu tak bagus it should die and discarded by body. But, the cell insisted to live and infecting other happy cells. At the end of the day all happy cells turned to bad cells. In some cases.. it turned to cancerous cells.. silently but rapidly infecting other happy cells. oh my! This one is the scary part.


Ok.. back to our children..


Ask yourself..


Do you really look forward to your children’s health. Yes? Is it a true YES.. or it is a just a vaguely YES?


You always feel unhappy and tired when you feel like it. But do your body could feel the same like your children’s body when they feel unhealthy, body aching, tired and stress? Yes you may observe the changes from your children. But you yourself don’t feel the uncomfortable,.the pain, the stress, etc.


(To be continued)